Student Feedback

"Patrick has been incredibly helpful this week. He definitely seems to get Javascript and knows how to clearly and effectively explain what's happening to people who are just starting in this topic. I liked how he approached problems from different perspectives. Thanks so much for being present this week. One of my favorite coaches thus far."

"Patrick did a FANTASTIC job of explaining JavaScript MVC to a group of us. The live coding example was just what we needed, and he was super clear at explaining what he was doing and, perhaps more importantly, why."

"Great explanation of MVC related to JavaScript. I really liked how you took the time to answer all of our question and very carefully walk through every step of the process for this exercise. It was also great to see your debugging techniques in regards to always practicing using break point with Dev Tools as well as using console.log whenever you weren't quite sure about where you were with the code. As helpful as the lecture on MVC was, I would say this technique was probably the best take away for me for the whole lecture. Thank you for the lecture!"

"I was stuck on a problem for about two hours feeling very frustrated and exhausted. Patrick was able to quickly get me "unstuck" and was enthusiastic which made me feel a lot better. Patrick took the time to explain everything to me and was very patient with me. Everything Patrick explained was clear and he showed me mutilple ways to approach the problem. I look forward to pairing with Patrick again!"

"I would like to thank Patrick Reynolds for my coaching session yesterday evening. I think he is doing a fantastic job. Thank you so much for listening and answering my questions patiently."

"Patrick gave a great walk through and explanation of JS MVC design, which has been a difficult concept for many of us in the cohort. It was really helpful to go over an example we have been directly in contact with. I personally had already attempted this example so it was fantastic to see how many ways I could improve it, but also all the different ways it could be done, while still being correct. I am not going to go back and revise that challenge to practice what I learned. Thanks for the group talk!"

"Patrick was amazing, continually focused, and insightfully helpful during our session! In 3 hours flat, we worked thorough an AJAX challenge while making short yet insightful tangents on peripheral knowledge areas like keyboard shortcuts, dev tools workflow, and jQuery internals. The session was so focused and full of insight that I only took one short water break the entire 3 hours. Patrick was very insightful whenever I asked him to explain how some code worked or a general concept we implemented."

"A million thanks to Patrick!!! He happened to be here (Sunday, April 18th), read my email, and helped me comprehend ""restful routes"". He is very well informed in the subject; moreover, he knows how to teach it. He was able to pick up on the process of how I learn and directed his efforts to fit. Additionally, towards the end of our session he asked me to explain everything we'd done. I feel this was a good teaching tactic to ensure I understood what he taught me and to see if there was something we needed to go over again. As far as actionable feedback...... I suppose I wish he was around more often. I learned more from him in 2 hours than I have in any one day."

"Patrick was a great coach, I was lucky that he was not occupied with someone early in the night. He didn't mind spending 40-60 minutes with me to go over ajax and basic ajax calls to see how I can use it more efficiently. I am very fortunate because he said ajax was a language he was good at and he walked me though it. After a long day of stressing out on how I didn't understand ajax. I feel like I learned a lot and I could progress farther in the challenge. Thanks Patrick."

"Hi, Patrick. You made me believe in JavaScript MVC OO. Wat! You have a great way of drawing out knowledge. I will never forget our experience working in a pair with you facilitating the discussion. Viva Los Codes!"

"Patrick is an AMAZING coach, one of the top 3 I've had. He explains everything so thoroughly and patiently. He also doesn't complicate things and answers things directly, yet knows when to not just give the answers right away. I really like how he walks me through things first, get MVP, makes sure I understand, and then we go back and fix things/make things better. If it wasn't for that flow, I would have gotten overwhelmed and not have been able to take as much in."

"Patrick's working through a Phase 2 challenge was incredible. He seems to have a natural gift for teaching, and explained things to me in a different way that really helped things click and concepts start to come together. I can't possibly emphasize enough how valuable this type of 1-on-1 coaching is from people who know what they're doing, and are familiar with the challenges and core learning competencies. It's just incredible, and BY FAR the single most valuable aspect of DBC for me. The night coaches alone justify the cost of admission. Thanks for your great work - my only wish is that there were even more of you around at night!"

"Patrick was a really excellent coach tonight. He made the material fun by being patient and approaching the code with a sense of humor. He didn't just try to talk at me; he demonstrated (or had me demonstrate) what was going on in console, and taught me tips along the way about debugging. I left feeling way more confident about my grasp of MVC and with a better foundation for understanding the subtleties associated with the 'this' keyword in JS."

"Very good at explaining things, very patient, and very knowledgable about JS. I have already recommended him to 3 other people and will continue to do so."

"Patrick was great to pair with today. I was very hazy in object orient and he set up a problem that showed the basics. I felt that one hour with Patrick save me 3 hours of study and frustration. He was also really cool in approaching me later that day and help me in a related question."

"Patrick gave a talk on MVC JS tonight and it was SO NECESSARY. He knows a lot, and is good at communicating it. Not only that, but he stuck around until 10:15 afterwards to help out our nit picky and esoteric questions. A wonderful and committed coach, and an excellent resource!"

"You were super helpful! I came at you with very general confusion about the direction of my learning and "comfort zone" type stuff, and you were able to identify several things that will help me out. You were good at providing resources that I can check out, and were able to communicate higher level programming concepts in a way that I understand. Thanks!"

"Post-DBC interview prep material that he had was pretty awesome. We went through it on a one on one session. I feel as though I'm a lot clearer on what to expect from JavaScript which I believe showed yesterday during my first technical interview so far. There's quite a few "common gotchas" with JS that we wouldn't really go through during DBC. Looking at them one by one with him really helped solidify my knowledge. I feel a lot more confident moving forward."

"Patrick's lecture on JS MVC was freakin awesome. We essentially did a build from scratch and discussed related topics such as architecture, model/view/controller and why, dependency injection, name spacing, etc. Although I request coaching one on one, he was willing to do a group lecture for about 15 of us. As if that wasn't enough, he was even willing to do a quick on-the-fly breakout session on the anatomy of an ajax call after this. Seriously, Patrick is awesomeeeeeeeeeee!!! Couldn't thank him enough."

"Patrick hosted a gigantic group session for a bunch of us, it was extremely helpful. A lot of us were very confused about the concepts of programming JS using OOP. It took a long time to work through the example, but it was very in-depth and useful. Thank you for emailing the files for us to reexamine again. Was really glad to catch this lecture today, it helps a ton!"